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Haven’t been to the dentist in years? No problem.

Ready for a fresh take on dentistry? Yes, it's possible.

Dental anxiety holding you back? We are here for you.

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We know first-hand what it feels like to have anxiety in a dental chair. We firmly believe every patient should feel heard and relaxed during each visit, which is why our team leads with compassion, empathy, and kindness.

New Patients

Before your first visit

  • Complete your new patient paperwork via MyChart.
  • Schedule a 10-15 minute phone consultation with Dr. McNamara
  • It eliminates any surprises before you set foot in the office.
  • For your convenience, we have consultation times available during and after office hours.
  • This will be an opportunity for you to discuss your goals, concerns, and treatment barriers. You’ll also learn about our approach and philosophy.
  • Book your first in office visit.

During your first visit 

  • We review your medical and dental history 
  • Digital X-rays: We will take a full set of digital x-rays of your teeth, jaw, and supporting structures
  • Intraoral video: We take an intraoral video of your teeth to assess the bite and your  gum health
  • Data collection: We perform a comprehensive head & neck exam, oral cancer screening, airway screening, TMJ and muscle evaluation, tongue mobility, and of course, examine your teeth & gums.

Additional Data Collection

  • We may also recommend salivary or blood testing for pathogens (bad bugs), DNA biomarkers or sensitivity to dental materials.
  • We may recommend a sleep study (at home, or in-lab) to help diagnose any airway and sleep related problems. 
  • Photos: We may take additional face and teeth photos for cosmetic dental planning  
  • We also have salivary pH and buffer capacity tests available to help evaluate and manage an acidic oral environment.

Treatment planning

  • Discover: Once we collect all our data, we process all the information and create a picture of your oral and systemic health. 
  • Assess: This will allow us to share your overall risk assessment and help create strategies to reduce those risks and optimize your overall health.This will also help you take control and make an informed decision about your health. 
  • Pathway: You decide whether you want to pursue the path to optimize your whole health, or if you’d prefer a traditional dental treatment route.
  • Map: We are happy to put together a detailed treatment guide to help you fulfill your goals. Your treatments can be ranked so that you can deal with the most pressing treatments right away, and deal with the not-so-pressing treatments over time. It will be associated with a financial estimate and financing options so that you can budget for each appointment accordingly.
  • Whichever path you choose, we are here to support and guide you on your journey to discover your road to health.  
  • This may include restorative treatment, plaque and pH management, nutritional counseling, product recommendations, supplemental recommendation, multidisciplinary referrals and more.


  • Photo ID (such as a valid driver’s license)
  • Insurance card (for those with dental insurance)
  • Face mask to wear as you enter and exit the operatory
  • Any questions, concerns, and goals to discuss with Dr. McNamara
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  • COVID protocols designed to keep you and our team safe
  • Advanced dental technology for a more efficient visit
  • A friendly, smiling team ready to serve you!
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